Share Files With Others With Ease

Password protect, track downloads, and share files with others online using short urls.

Online Secure Digital Safety Deposit

Store pictures, videos, documents, and more online in a secure and encrypted remotely hosted location.

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  • Share Files With Others With Ease
  • Online Secure Digital Safety Deposit


  • This is a fantastic business tool and the encryption is top notch. I highly recommend it.

    Lance Barton Wed Nov 30, 2011

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Secure Online Storage


Take advantage of LokDrop Online Storage as your secured digital safe deposit box. You can access, store, share and backup digital information in a secure, private and encrypted location. Use it to access and share critical data from anywhere in the world.

Use Your LokDrop to:

  • distribute large files to your associates,
  • collaborate with people or groups working on the same file,
  • securely access documents away from your office,
  • reduce network load by eliminating the need for large email attachments


LokDrop Online Storage offers you:

  • secure and encrypted hosted storage,
  • secure file sharing and secure file distribution,
  • end-to-end encryption,
  • automatic file compression to reduce space and bandwidth requirements,
  • document expiry settings

We encourage you to try our encrypted online storage hosting and collaboration service starting at only $1.99/month with 5GB of storage.  With LokDrop your data is safe, backed up, encrypted, and secure.

Whether you are a business or an individual subscriber, a digital safe deposit LokDrop offers unlimited real-time secure access to critical data from anywhere in the world.